Etengo Infographics

Information Graphics

Project management: Gallion Film
Motion design: Ömer Mutlu


Etengo is the most important hub for IT specialists in Germany. A team of 170 permanent employees ensures that more than 1,000 IT specialists are deployed on projects at any given time. With a total turnover of more than 133 million euros (2018), Etengo is one of the five most important personnel service providers in Germany.

Together with our friends from Gallion, we presented the key aspects of the company through moving infographics. The animations are displayed in the lobby of the company’s headquarters and are the visitor’s first contact with the brand.

IT is growing and growing and growing and growing and…

170920 Etengo Bigdata 9
170831 Styleframes Change04 03
170920 Etengo Ki 7
170920 Etengo Ki 4
170914 Styleframes Change02 02
170831 Styleframes Change04
171011 Etengo Umsatz 7
171002 Mitarbeiter 1
171013 Etengo Codezeilen 9
170923 Etengo Offeneprojekte 1
171018 Etengo Freelancer 5
170923 Etengo Branchen 4