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Moving Images: Karim Abdelghany
Repros: Alexander Münch


HIER is an association of five independent theatres from Mannheim.

Discursive performance, great dance, concrete contemporary drama or even diplomatic techno – the display is richly stocked. Festivals for wonder, tonal promotion of young talents and theatre projects related to the district are just as much a part of it as one or two friendly open mic evenings, stage adventures for the still growing audience and quiet reading afternoons.

Here we summarize what moves our lives every day. Here you will find relevant art spaces off the beaten track that keep a pretty close eye on our world and don’t stop to think about it.

The monthly program flyers are produced with two changing spot colors. The accompanying web presence makes the tomatoes fly.

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Discursive performance, great dance, concrete contemporary drama? Let’s throw tomatoes.

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