Heimatdesign 159 Bearbeitet

Heimatdesign No 15

Editorial Design
Art Direction

Publisher: Reinhild Kuhn

Concept and project management:
Marc Röbbecke

Editor in chief: Jan Kempinski

Repros: Alexander Münch


Heimatdesign is a platform and display for young design from the region. The magazine introduces the local design scene of the Ruhr area. The 15th issue is dedicated to the topic of “failure”. For the cover we alienated a picture from the magazine with the help of the Processing software.

160615 Heimatdesign Repro 05
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 01
Heimatdesign 125
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 07

The Ruhr district’s design scene is underestimated. So let’s present the wonderful work of its best designers.

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The cover picture is changed in a detail by the picture retouching. The flawless appearance of the motif is thus disturbed and underlines the theme of “failure”.
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 08
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 14

The visual language picks up on the magazine’s content concept: Whether illustration, infographics or photography: all images are as reduced and graphic as possible. Backgrounds are as calm as possible and tend to become graphic surfaces. Visible lines in the background follow as geometric shapes as possible.

160615 Heimatdesign Repro 04
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 17
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 02
160615 Heimatdesign Repro 10