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Pop Up Studio

Event Design

The Pop-Up Studio is a project by Rebecca Mauch, Daniel Edelmeier, Marius Sonnentag und Brückner + Brückner.

Scenography by please don’t touch

Fotos: Marius Sonnentag, Clemens Müller, TAPIR Media

With the Pop-Up Studio, we transform vacancies into a temporary work & project space for creative people from various disciplines. The space facilitates networking between people from different cultural and creative industries, which in turn creates new synergies. During its first three months, the Pop-Up Studio has already been used as a concert stage, lecture room, gallery, reading stage, showroom and catwalk. The withdrawal of industry from Dortmund is a great opportunity for the city to make good use of vacant spaces.

Lectures by: Markus Mielek, Stückwerk, KoeperHerfurth, Please don’t touch, Van Bo Le, Menzel, Deutsche & Japaner, NEU Designbüro, Architektur DLX, Prinzträger, AdLips, Marc Suski, JAC Gestaltung, Labor B, Stefan Schwabe, Bastian Allgeier (Kirby), Marc Thiele (Beyond Tellerrand).

Concerts by: KUF (Berlin), HeroHero (Köln), Sine Sleeper (Düsseldorf), Der weise Panda (Berlin), John Wayne on Acid (Düsseldorf).

Miscellaneous: Illustratorenstammtisch, Infographics exhibition, Riso print workshop, Dinner together with refugees from four countries.

I’m here, I’m there. The studio is poppin’ up everywhere.

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Votrag 9elements
Votrag Peter Dahmen
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Konzert Kuf 3
150111 Hero Plakat Ohne Rahmen
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Mockup Tasche


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Pop Up Studio before-and-after comparison