Tans Brotboutique

Corporate Design
Web Design
Art Direction
Interior Design

Interior and lighting design, construction planning and management: Mireille Solomon

Photos: Olivier Pol Michel


Allow me: This is Tan, the master baker behind this insanely delicious bread.

Natural ingredients, no additives. What makes Tan’s bread so special? Its own sustainably produced sourdough consists exclusively of high-quality, natural raw materials. Out of conviction, I do not use any additives such as enzymes or emulsifiers. The flour comes exclusively from organic cultivation.

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The logo is based on the Relaate font family by Alex Slobzheninov and was individually adapted for different application sizes.

190820 Tans Logo Rz Kopie

Patterns milled into the wood create a reminiscence of the ornamentation of the Wilhelminian period. The pattern as a symbol for the art of baking, which had already been forgotten but is now more in demand than ever.

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Real baking tradition meets unprecedented bread creations. As deeply as Tan has worked his way into the traditional baking craft, so are his ever new bread ideas. The design concept underlines these apparent contrasts.



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The pattern runs through all analogue and digital media and is interpreted differently depending on the application.

1 Vorderseite Blau Aufweiss
1 Rückseite Blau Aufweiss
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With a strong contrast between the cool, almost sterile bakery and the very warm sales room, which celebrates the good old craft. Oak wood and warm light create an inviting atmosphere in which the extraordinary baked goods are shown to their best advantage.