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Miriam Stanke is an award winning photographer and visual storyteller currently based in Mannheim, Germany.
In her work, she is interested in stories that take place away from the news headlines. In doing so, she pursues a very exciting approach: photography has the potential to break down and question stereotypes. A picture always combines more than what is seen and can therefore be perceived differently by each viewer. It can reveal the meaning of a place or a person and thus allows potential access to other aspects, societies or ways of thinking.
Her work was exhibited at several shows including Athens Photo Festival (Greece), Backlight Festival in Tampere (Finland), OFF/FOTO Mannheim Ludwigshafen, Kunstverein Mannheim, Westwerk Leipzig (Germany) and OFF Triennale Hamburg (Germany).
She received numerous awards including the Flash Forward Award by Magenta Foundation in 2015 as well as the Graduate Photographers Award by Magnum Photos and Photo London.

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