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Print Design
Cover Design


How do you publish a digital music album in times of online streaming services? With a fancy poster magazine!

We are honored to present the artwork for the new EP »OIL AND WATER«, as well as designs for past releases from our favorite newcomers Mayuko.

 mayuko poster on transparent lighter cut right
 solo poster on transparent lighter back small
 gefaltet 2 mockup kopie
 poster 03

Mayuko is delicate, fragile, but consequent, and bring a softness to an unforgiving world.

Sticker Design

Mayuko is blending all their influences in kaleidoscopic soundscapes between pop, electronic and experimental.

Spotify Canvas
for “we are”

Spotify Canvas
& Reel Design
“we are”

Mayuko is Michelle, Kasia and Rebecca. And we had the honor to accompany the three of them graphically on their journey.

Single Artwork
“cholericly yours”

 cholericly yours mockup
 cholericly yours mockup

Single Artwork
“cholericly yours”

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