Urban Hacking Workshop Refugees Welcome 16

Teaching at Hochschule Mannheim/communication design

Photos: Malte Papenfuß
Documentation video: Karim Abdelghany
Projects by: Elina Borgert, Janina Collet, Natalie Itach, Astrid Kadel, Deniz Kaya, Kim Karle, Saskia Langeneckert, Janina Lorig, Malte Papenfuss, Nadine Prigann, Eva Rössler, Lena Seubert, Johanna Storck, Gülcin Yurdatapan

Climate catastrophe, rent explosion, the NSU complex, the AfD in the Bundestag—Germany in the 21st century. With the Urban Hacking Workshops, we take up current political topics and bring them into public spaces.

The participants of the workshops use design as a way to deal with difficult topics and to develop new possibilities to counteract undesirable developments. We work with installations, adbusting, projections, stickers and many other methods. In addition to addressing passers-by directly, it’s also about online discussion which we stimulate through the documentation of the projects.

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