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Die Planergruppe

Editorial Design
Web Design

Art Direction: Fiona Oehler

Photos: Fiona Oehler



“We design open spaces.” True to this motto, Die Planergruppe (formerly “Planergruppe Oberhausen”) has made it its mission to make (urban) landscapes tangible and usable for around 50 years. The office specialises in landscape architecture. The anniversary not only brought with it a new name, but also a comprehensive redesign. The central element of the black bar, which is derived from the word mark, runs like a unifying thread through the new design system. It symbolises a focus on structure, stringency and contrast: the visual appearance is based on a clear grid system and the dynamic alternation between static layout and lively project images.

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The project is characterised by three typefaces from the Söhne Collection (Klim Type Foundry): “Söhne is the memory of Akzidenz-Grotesk framed through the reality of Helvetica.”

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The website focuses on the aspect of speed and aims to present comprehensive project presentations.

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